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Something About Babies

There is something soothing about holding little brown babies, clothing optional, in a country far from home. However, when it comes to alleviating poverty and various ‘un-freedoms’ children experience around the globe, it is about as helpful as picking up a stranger’s cute child at the shops. Don’t get me wrong, I think loving others is a fundamental truth we have overlooked long ago and perhaps if we remembered how to do that, unconditionally and truthfully we wouldn’t have the extreme poverty we have today.

There is a myth that those living in poverty are poor because they are helpless, stupid, squandering souls. And a myth is exactly what that it is. I have spent time in several developing countries, most recently Papua New Guinea, and seeing the resilience, entrepreneurship of the people, particularly the women of this nation was incredible and reassuring. Reassuring in the way that there is change happening in countries rife with poverty regardless of what statistics tell you.


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